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We at Olxfinance strive to provide the best payday loan and short term loan services in India. We are by far the best payday loan provider in India.

Payday Loan in india

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Payday Loans

Payday Loans are short term loans which can prove to be of vital importance when you are stuck in a financial crunch.

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Payday Loan in India

Our payday loans in India are much more than just a loan.


Hear from our customers about our payday loan service. Payday loans that keep you happy.

  • Sneha Bhardwaj

    I am very happy with the services of moneyinmimutes and want to thhank them whole heartedly. Helped me when most needed.

  • Geet Mitra

    Supportive staff. Guided me with the process swiftly. Got loan in hours, Thank You!!

  • P Venkata

    Great Work Team!! Helped me in a crunch situatuion. Also helped me in raising my credit score.


Normally we take minutes to approve your application. Sometimes, if you have not provided sufficient information it may take some time as we have to call you for further details. Sometimes we may have to call you for confirmation of the details you provided.
We will not contact your employers regarding the loan, nor will we mention anything about it. We may have to contact the accounts department of your employers to carry out a few simple checks.
Internet banking is the easiest and fastest way of processing your application for loan. We cannot access details of your account as we only have snapshot details of your account.

Your bank details are encrypted and stored securely. No one can access your internet banking password or has the ability to change your banking details.

We take into account several factors before deciding how much to lend you. These include your credit rating, your income and household expenses. We always try to lend the amount that we feel sure you can pay back.

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